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Chung Cheong University is
carrying out a variety of
international exchange projects
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  • May 2017

    Rated Grade S(highest) in 2017 Specialized College of Korea Annual Evaluation

  • Dec. 2015

    Dept. of Nursing obtained 5-year accreditation from the Korean Accreditation Board of Nursing

  • Aug. 2015

    Rated Grade A in University Organization Reforms Evaluation(4th among college-level institutions) by the Ministry of Education

  • May 2015

    Inauguration of the 4th chairman of Chungcheong Foundation, Sun-Gyu Yoo Ph.D
    Inauguration of the 10th president, Kyung-Na Oh

  • May 2014

    Selected for Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation Program(LINC) by the Ministry of Education

  • Apr. 2014

    Appointed as Specialized College of Korea(Sector IV Lifelong Professional Education Institute) by the Ministry of Education

  • Dec. 2013

    Accredited by the Korea Accreditation Board for Vocational Higher Education(KAVE)

  • Jul. 2013

    Selected for the 2013 College Education Reinforcement Project by the Ministry of Education

  • Mar. 2013

    Celebration of the 30th anniversary

  • Feb. 2012

    Name changed to Chung Cheong University

  • Nov. 2011

    Dept. of Nursing approved as a four-year course

  • May 2011

    Inauguration of the 9th president, Sun-Gyu Yoo Ph.D


  • Jul 2010

    Hosted 11th World Taekwondo Festival and Korea Open 2010

  • Jul 2010

    Hosted 11th World Taekwondo Festival and Korea Open 2010

  • Mar 2010

    New Student Center Open.

  • Jul 2008

    Hosted 10th World Taekwondo Festival and Korea Open 2008

  • Jun. 2007

    Hosted 9th World Taekwondo Festival and Malaysia Open 2007 (Kuala Lumpur)

  • Feb. 2006

    22nd Commencement
    Total number of alumni: 34,176

  • Feb. 2006

    Chung Cheong Baseball Team founded

  • Sep. 2005

    Reported as the 1st in the nation in terms of alumni employment rate for the year 2005 by the Ministry of Education

  • Mar. 2004

    Samsung Electro-Mechanics Campus opened

  • Mar. 2004

    Dept. of Dental Hygiene added

  • Aug. 2004

    Art Hall opened

  • May 2003

    20th Anniversary Celebration

  • Jun. 2003

    International House opened

  • May 2002

    Industrial-Educational Cooperation Program ranked 1st by the Ministry of Education (5 years running)

  • Jul. 2002

    The Ministry of Education funded 3 billion won in support of the excellency of 7 specialized programs

  • Sep. 2002

    International Accreditation Testing Research Institute opened

  • Nov. 2002

    ISO 14001 certified

  • Jan. 2000

    Business Incubation Center opened

  • Mar. 2000

    TRITAS (Triangle of Technology Assistance for Small and Medium Enterprises) started

  • Jul. 2000

    Convention Center Opened

  • Sep. 2000

    2 venture clubs ranked 1st by the Small and Medium Business Administration


  • Jan. 1999

    Industry-Education Consortium Support Center opened

  • Apr. 1999

    Small & Medium Business Support Center opened

  • Mar. 1998

    School of Lifelong Education opened

  • May 1998

    Name changed to Chung Cheong College

  • Mar. 1997

    Chong Teck Chung appointed as the 5th president

  • Jun. 1997

    Kyung Ho Oh appointed as the 2nd chairman

  • Jan. 1994

    Company-sponsored Student Program started

  • Nov. 1990

    Name changed to Chung Cheong Junior College


  • Mar. 1983

    Chung Cheong Industrial College opened with 7 departments and 440 students

  • Jun. 1981

    The Ministry of Education approved the establishment of Chung Cheong Foundation Founder, Beom Su Oh, appointed as Chairman