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Chung Cheong University is
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Welcome to Chung Cheong University!

Since opening in 1983, Chung Cheong has constantly strived to improve educational quality through its emphasis on the consistency of knowledge and action "Do as you learned", unity of knowledge and virtue, and service to the community.

  • KyungNa Oh

    KyungNa Oh

  • KyuIl Park

    KyuIl Park
    Chairman, Board of

With a history and tradition of 30 years placing emphasis on humanitarianism, Chung Cheong has jumped into an era of challenge and change with the goal of training the human resources of the 21st century.

We not only actively encourage the students to accumulate knowledge and skills but also to experiment with their creativity and test their revolutionary ideas with our faculty and staff. We provide the students with the soil to grow and lead the streams of society as well as to prepare for their own individual future.

We think it is our responsibility to serve society. Every moment our students spend with us and every experience they gain at CCU should have a synergistic effect in the formation of capabilities and personalities that will contribute to the global world as well as the local environment.

Through this belief, Chung Cheong University has contributed to the growth of our local community including the support of local culture and art events. We aim to maintain and further increase our role in producing the leaders of the future while preserving human values.