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Foreign Exchanges

Chung Cheong University is
carrying out a variety of
international exchange projects
with the goal of...



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Undergraduate - Division, Program Type, Faculty / Department
Division Faculty / Department

Healthcare & Beauty Arts

Faculty of Hotel Culinary Arts Patissier & Nutrition

Dept. of Nursing (4years)

Dept. of Emergency Medical Technology (3years)

Dept. of Medical Cosmetology (3years)

Dept. of Beauty Arts

Dept. of Public Health administration (3years)

Dept. of Dental Hygiene (3years)

Dept. of Food & Drug Analysis


Faculty of Electrical Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Aviation, Automobile & Mechanical Engineering

Dept. of Computer & Electronics

Dept. of 3D Printing and Information for Health Science

Dept. of Architecture (3years)

Dept. of Urban and Civil Engineering

Dept. of Biological and Chemical Engineering

Dept. of Fire Protection and Safety

Dept. of Interior Design (3years)

Dept. of Quality Managment

Dept. of Aviation Security

Humanities & Social Sciences

Dept. of Business & Accounting

Dept. of Police Administration (3years)

Dept. of Military Science

Dept. of Social Welfare

Dept. of Early Childhood Education (3years)

Dept. of Airline & Tourism

Major of Japanese Interpretation

Major of Hotel·Barista

Arts & Physical Education

 Dept. of Television & Visual Content Production

Dept. of Sport Leisure & Studies

Dept. of Visual Communication Design

Dept. of Applied Music

Dept. of Applied Dance


  1. Class: Listening, Speaking, Writing and Cultural Experience
  2. Duration: 15 weeks (Monday to Friday, 4 Hours a day)
  3. Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced level(less than 15 students/class)
  4. To study the Undergraduate Course without Preliminary course, you must take and pass an Advanced level or Korean Language Proficiency Test.